Our Top 5 Toys for Spring

You kids go outside and play!

Spring is here and we can’t wait to play outside – but what should we play with???
Here’s our Top 5 picks for getting out of the house now that the weather is turning warmer and the flowers are popping up.
1 – Faux Bow by Marky Sparky – $24.99 for ages 8+
Sunshine is good for you. And hitting things with arrows is even better. The Faux Bow by Marky Sparky is a blast and you can shoot over 100 feet with the soft arrows – and nobody gets hurt!

2 – Djubi – $29.99 for ages 8+
Djubi is a new way to play catch. The specially designed racquets are made for the unique ball called…the djubi, of course. It’s pronounced Joo-bee and you can hook it, launch it, and catch it. The djubi flies 100 feet, and is great for playing outside in the backyard, at the park, or on the beach. 2 racquets + 2 djubis = Outdoor Fun.

3 – Sprig Eco-Dump Truck – $15.99 for ages 3+
Get that toddler out of the house and movin’ some dirt! This Sprig Eco-Dump Truck is battery-free for 100% kid-powered fun. The handles are easy to grab so kids can maneuver them easily through the backyard or the nearest sand box that needs some “toddler construction work”. Made of recycled wood and recycled plastic, this affordable, eco-friendly truck is $15.99 and is perfect for kids ages 3 and up. Sprig also makes a front loader and an excavator for extra construction power!

4 – 30″ Diamond Happy Dolphin Kite – $19.99 for all ages.
Go fly a kite! What better way to relax and have fun on a Spring day that to fly a 30″ Diamond Happy Dolphin Kite. This classic kite design that is great for all ages! This nylon kite will let you send the dolphins jumping high into the sky in a colorful underwater scene. Includes 300 feet of line for sky-high fun!

5 – Super High Performance Stomp Rockets – $19.99 for ages 16+
OK, now something for the big kids. This one combines 2 of our favorite things. Rockets and stomping. What better way to de-stress and have fun than jumping up and down on a launch pad that sends a very cool rocket up to 400 feet in the air? This kit is recommended
for ages 16 and up because of the velocity of the rockets, so be careful and read the instructions.

The kit includes 6 super high performance stomp rockets and the launch pad.

Now get out, get active, and enjoy Spring with The Learning Tree!