Rody is 20% Off

Toddlers love to ride on a Rody Hopping Horse!

Rody is lovable, inflatable vinyl ride-on toy. Kids love playing on a Rody when they visit our stores. And now it’s our Toy Of The Week and it’s 20% off!

Rody helps kids learn balance and coordination as they rock and bounce away, hanging on to its head and ears. Rody has beautifully painted eyes, spots and a saddle seat. And of course a cute little tail too.  The Rody Horse is made of latex-free vinyl in Italy by Gymnic and is free of banned phthalates so its very safe for kids.

Gymnic also makes a support base if you want to transform Rody into a rocking horse. Rock ‘n’ Rody is a super fun take on a traditional rocking horse toy.

Rody also grows with your child. Just add more air for bigger kids. It works for all toddlers whether they’re 2, 3, or 4 years old.

Get a Rody inflatable horse today for your toddler! He or she will love it.