Rhiannon Ally, TV Anchor, coming to Corinth this Saturday with new book

Special Book Event with Rhiannon Ally

Mommy, Please Don’t Go to Work!

Saturday December 1, Corinth Square

10:30am-12 Noon

Rhiannon Ally, the Emmy-award winning anchor at 41 Action News, and NEW children’s book author, is coming to share her NEW book, Mommy, Please Don’t Go to Work! at Corinth Square Learning Tree! We’ll have copies available for purchase. Stop in, meet Rhiannon, catch a book reading and have her sign your copy!

Motherhood has been the toughest and most rewarding job of Rhiannon’s life. Rhiannon just welcomed her third child in October and her first two are under 5 years old. She has experienced firsthand “the mommy guilt” and understands what it means to juggle work and family life.

There are few books that help young children understand why moms work. Mommy, Please Don’t Go to Work! explains that when mommy goes to work, she doesn’t love her children any less. It teaches them we all have important roles to play in the world.

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Sept. 18, 2018 Newsletter – Cider Mill Storytime

The Learning Tree toy stores 913-385-1234

Welcome Fall This Morning!

To The Cider Mill by Danna York
Danna York

To the Cider Mill Special Storytime

Tuesday 9/18, 10:30am Corinth Square

Wednesday 9/19, 10:30am Park Place

Our regular Storytimes will be extra sweet this week! This morning we’ll welcome special guest and local author Danna York to celebrate the season with apple activities and her special interactive, coloring storybook To the Cider Mill. Then she’ll be back Wednesday at Park Place. Come Play with us!

What else is going on? We’re cleaning house at the end of the month and making room for NEW holiday toys! Put the Learning Tree Corinth Square Super Warehouse Sale on your calendar.

September Events

Friday 9/28-Saturday 9/29 Corinth Square: Corinth Square Super Warehouse Sale! We’re turning the store upside down for this all-out S-A-L-E! Great discounts on discontinued and slightly damaged items. Big savings for you and more shelf space for exciting NEW toys!

fall toy catalog

What’s more fun than discovering great toys for the kids you love? Maybe you’re looking for birthday present ideas or even holiday shopping (Christmas is less than 100 days away!)? Our Fall Fun Catalog is filled with all kinds of ideas.

Want to check it out? Simply click this electronic Fall Fun Catalog. You can turn the pages just like the real thing and there are options to share, bookmark and save!

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Coming in November

Silhouette Artist Clay Rice is Coming Back!
November 10
th and 11th

Make your Silhouette Portrait appointment today!

silhouette by Clay RiceWe happily welcome back internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning, silhouette artist and children’s author. With a few snips of Clay’s magic scissors, a silhouette becomes a timeless memory. Framed, a silhouette of your child becomes a treasured gift.

A silhouette sitting is $42 for two copies of the same child. Separate appointments must be made for each individual child.

Call 913 385-1234 for a Saturday Nov. 10th appointment at Corinth Square.

Call 913 498-1234 for a Sunday Nov. 11th appointment at Park Place.

Join our Learning Tree Team!

2 happy Toy Experts

Like to Play On The Job?

We’re putting the call out for candidates to interview for fall positions at the Learning Tree. Do you know someone who would be a great addition to our team? We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our talented retail staff of toy and playtime experts.

Click here for an application or stop by to pick one up.

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Come Play With Us!

Tuesdays at 10:30am: Storytime with Miss Kristina at Corinth Square
Wednesdays at 10:30am: Storytime with Miss Elisa at Park Place
Thursdays at 10:30am: Music and Movement with Jenny at Corinth Square, Drop In/$5

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Dino O’Dell is coming to The Learning Tree Stores in September!

Early Learning through Books, Dino O’Dell Knows!

Dino O'Dell performs free at The Learning Tree stores.

Dino O’Dell is a favorite Kansas City children’s performer with a background in education and drama. Chances are you might have seen him perform at your local library or maybe he has even visited your child’s school. I was impressed by a simple quote he uses to describe what his goals are as he creates music, sing-a-longs and stories.

“We learn best when we are engaged and we are engaged best when the medium is interactive.” – Dino O’Dell

Dino O’Dell is including both of The Learning Tree stores in his stops around town to share his  newest children’s book project titled Zar and the Broken Spaceship.


Monday Sept. 21, 10:30am Corinth Square Storytime and Sing-a-long with Dino O’Dell,

Tuesday Sept. 29, 10:30am Park Place Special Storytime and Sing-a-long with Dino O’Dell.

Dino knows the rhythms of his catchy, repeating story, with the modern Hokey Pokey actions, will pull kids right in.  What seems like a simple children’s book, provides learning about language patterns, and opportunity for predicting and coordinating body movements from written commands.  All kinds of learning is happening!

New research unveiling the benefits of early exposure to books is constantly being published in the fields of education, psychology, sociology and pediatrics. In 2014,

Frontiers, an open-access, academic network publisher, introduced the following topic:

An Open Book: What and How Young Children Learn From Picture and Storybooks.

A worldwide invitation was issued for submission of articles that uncover how and what, pre-reading children learn from books. Twenty-two articles were collected and published with the intent of providing a body of information for educators, researchers and parents interested in children’s learning. The articles cover a wide range of sub-topics including the value of book illustrations, children’s books as a resource for culturally appropriate emotions, and teaching math with children’s literature.

Books can be part of all kinds of learning and influence behavior in surprising ways. One article titled Let’s look at leeks! Picture books increase toddlers’ willingness to look at, taste and consume unfamiliar vegetables (Heath, Houston-Price and Kennedy, 2014) made a surprising connection between book exposure and eating habits. Shared storybook reading is part of bedtime routine for many families.  A study conducted by Williams and Horst (2014) indicates it may have more value than previously recognized.

Research indicated that reading immediately before a period of sleep facilitates preschool children’s word learning. And more good news, the same is true in studies conducted with older children and adults! Sharing books is an enjoyable adult-child activity. Books are wonderful tools for learning and teaching. They can celebrate milestones- losing a first tooth, starting kindergarten or the arrival of a new sibling. Books can support difficult conversations surrounding divorce, illness or loss.

Our knowledgeable Learning Tree staff and exceptional Book Manager, Beth Roberts, are always happy to make book recommendations and welcome your requests. You may reach us at 913-385-1234.

The ELF on the SHELF – make it your new Christmas tradition

If The ELF on the SHELF isn’t one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen, we don’t know adorable!
The Elf on the Shelf
The ELF on the SHELF could also be called a ready-made tradition just waiting for a family! Now is the perfect time to make this wonderful addition to your household as said elf on the shelf usually likes to make his first appearance just after Thanksgiving.

Our boxed set combines a sweet, impish elf (who is waiting for you to name him!) with a book that tells his story – how during the day he watches over the youngsters and at night travels to visit Santa himself at the North Pole and fill the jolly guy in on the children’s activities. (Just how do you think Santa keeps track of those names on that naughty/nice list?)

Each morning, the elf returns home and with a little assistance from an adult (the kids don’t have to know that part!) hides in a new location, just waiting to be found. Can’t you just imagine your little ones running through the house to find their special elf’s new hiding place each morning?
The Elf on the Shelf
The ELF on the SHELF started as one’s family’s personal tradition; over the years, new rules were introduced that are now part of the beautifully illustrated story book. While children can talk to the elf as much as they want, they’re not allowed to touch him – you don’t want to interfere with the magic, after all. And the first elf’s first adult found that just his presence helped excited children to better control themselves. After all, the elf is always watching!

Don’t let another Christmas holiday go by without your own personal elf; give one a new home and introduce this creative tradition in your house. You’re guaranteed to build precious memories year after year.

Price: $29.95

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