Swaddle Your Baby in Koala Kuddles

The Learning Tree now carries Koala Kuddles swaddling blankets. The Koala Kuddles Baby Swaddles are 100% cotton woven in a quilted fashion to give them extra cushioning for added softness.

The blankets measure 39″ x 39″ which is significantly larger than most receiving blankets, making for a snug swaddle for baby. Each package contains 3 blankets.

Koala Kuddles were created by Diana Cregan when, coming from Australia to Kansas and having her first baby in 2006, her friends had never seen the swaddling blankets she had brought from Australia. She ended up giving hers away and decided to create and sell her own swaddles here in the US so American mothers could give their babies the same comforting, swaddling benefits that Australian newborns have enjoyed for years.

Now based in Austin, TX, Koala Kuddles wraps are available for your baby or as a perfect baby shower gift for a new mom.

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