August 21, 2018 Newsletter – BIG toys for BIG Fun!


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Fall toy catalog

Our Fall Fun catalog has hit mailboxes and we think it’s BIG news! It’s filled with a whole lot of BIG fun and the toys that power the brainwork that play provides. There are BIG toys for outdoor playtime, BIG plush and BIG toy ideas for pretend play, games, babies and creativity!

Haven’t seen yours yet or want to save a tree? Click this electronic Fall Catalog. You can turn the pages just like the real thing and there are options to share, bookmark and save!

Not receiving our printed catalog? Give us a call at 913-385-1234 and we can add you to our list. Remember, the holidays are closer than you think!

Big Outdoor Fun


Giant Inflatable Bowling Game

Giant Inflatable Bowling Game


Wicked Big Kickball Set

Wicked Big Kickball Set

Big Squishable Plush


Squishable Slice of Cake 15”


Squishable 15

Giant Rainbow 15”

We have BIG Things Going On!

Renaissance Festival KC

Winfest for Renfest!

Stop by our Park Place store to enter for a chance to win a Family Four Pack Certificate to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival!! Now through August 26th! Huzzah!

BIG Book Bonanza

Our Big, Book, Blowout Bonanza (Bet you can’t say that 5 times fast!) is coming!

Monday August 27 – Friday September 7

Big Book Blowout Bonanza is coming your way at both Corinth Square and Park Place Learning Tree locations.

You’ll find selected titles up to 50% off!

This is a great time to stock up for birthdays, holidays and building a family library!

The Great Puppy Invasion by Alastair Heim

It’s The Great Puppy Invasion Story Time!

Prairie Village Shopping Center at the Clocktower

Wednesday August 29th, 10-11:30am

We’re following our local author friend, Alastair Heim to Prairie Village Shopping Center! He’ll be the guest reader, sharing one of our favorites, The Great Puppy Invasion! Join him for story reading, coloring and snacks. We will be there with books to purchase for signing!

Like To Play On The Job?

join our team

Join our Learning Tree Team!

We’re putting the call out for candidates to interview for fall positions at the Learning Tree. Do you know someone who would be a great addition to our team? We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our talented retail staff of toy and playtime experts.

Click here for an application or stop by to pick one up.

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Come Play With Us!

Tuesdays at 10:30am: Storytime with Miss Kristina at Corinth Square
Wednesdays at 10:30am: Storytime with Miss Elisa at Park Place
Thursdays at 10:30am: Music and Movement with Jenny at Corinth Square, Drop In/$5

Check out our website or our FaceBook page for an up-to-date listing of events and activities. We’ve made it easy to sign up online! Questions? Give us a call 913-385-1234.

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Send Rockets Soaring with Rocket Zoomer!

The Rocket Zoomer Gets Kids Outside and Stomping!

It’s our Toy of The Week and 20% off.

Rocket Zoomer

The Rocket Zoomer from Kidoozie is guaranteed to produce giggles and shouts as kids stomp the rockets and watch them soar.

Just load a rocket onto the base and step on the pump to shoot the rocket straight up with the force of air.The harder you step, stomp, and jump, the higher your rocket will fly!

Includes a sturdy, easy to assemble launcher base and one 5″ and one 6.5″ rocket.

Rocket Zoomer by Kidoozie

Soft, safe and super-fun, this is one of our best selling toys at The Learning Tree!


Mini Kickboard Scooter is Toy Of The Week

Kids love the Mini Kickboard Scooter!

Orange Kickboard Scooter

This scooter delivers a thrilling ride with an emphasis on safety. Kids shift their weight to move left or right, improving their balance and coordination along the way.

Pink Kickboard Scooter

Simple steering mechanism and rear spoon brake add just the right control. Weighing in at a mere 4.3 lbs., it’s easy to carry too. So, take it along to grandma’s house or a trip to the park.

Blue Kickboard Scooter

Its high standard of safety is a result of its closeness to the ground and its simple steering mechanism. Three wheels provide a very stable ride.

Comes in Green, Orange, Pink, and Blue.

Green Kickboard Scooter

A nice plus: the company has a parts replacement service so the scooter can be reliably passed on to younger siblings.

For ages 3-5 yrs.

Rockets Fly Sky-High with Kid Power!

Skylight Rockets are perfect for outdoor fun now that Autumn is here…and it’s our Toy Of The Week!

Skylight Rocket is kid powered and includes lighted rockets for nighttime use.

This kid-powered reusable rocketry set includes not only 3 daytime rockets, but 2 lighted rockets for night-time fun!

stomp rockets for kids

You get: launch pad, hose, adjustable stand and 5 rockets.

Skylight Rocket is designed for children ages 5 and up and should only be used with adult supervision.

Get your Skylight Rocket set this week at 20% off.

Skylight Rocket Lighted Night Rockets

Ready Set Stilts are Toy of The Week and 20% Off

Who doesn’t love stilts? It’s a classic toy for kids.

Ready Set Stilts by Alex Toys

Get up and go on Ready Set Stilts by Alex Toys.

Ready Set Stilts are great for beginners since they come with balancing feet that make the learning curve a bit less steep. Once kids get the hang of it, just take the feet off and replace them with the no-skid caps which are included.

Stilts are a great toy to keep kids active and improve balance and motor skills. Start ’em off active and chances are they’ll stay that way for life.

Best part? They’re 20% off this week only!

Here’s a PDF with instructions.


Red Plasma Car is Our Toy of The Week! And 20% Off!

PlasmaCarsPlasmaCars are just plain fun. Whether you’re a kid or an adult (they hold up to 220 lbs. on a smooth surface – maybe you need one for the office?) it’s human-powered locomotion.

One of the world’s best-selling kid’s ride-on-toys, the PlasmaCar’s unique and award-winning design requires no batteries, pedals, gears, or electrical parts to propel the car; you just turn the butterfly shaped steering wheel, and away you go! The PlasmaCar harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force and friction. There’s a science lesson in there…

What’s so cool about PlasmaCar?

1 – It’s quiet: You can sneak up on unsuspecting parents, pets and siblings,

2 – It’s inexpensive (it’s 20% off this week!!),

3 – It provides limitless playability

4 – Great exercise

The PlasmaCar is  a unique toy that can reach exhilarating and kid-friendly speeds of up to 6 mph. It’s pure kid energy that creates lots and lots of fun.

Here’s a video to show how it works.

Flying Turtles 20% Off This Week

Flying Turtles are Toy Of The Week! AND they are all 20% Off.

Flying Turtles take off for summer!

One of our most popular toys year after year, the Flying Turtle gets kids outside and moving for summer!

Totally kid-powered,  just steer from side to side with your hands and feet and off you go.

Manufactured by Mason Corporation for ages 3 to 12, The Learning Tree carries the Flying Turtle in 3 colors.

Teal, Green, and Purple.

Click here or on the photo for more info or to get a Flying Turtle for yourself!

Flying Turtle in GreenPurple Flying Turtle scooterFlying Turtle ride-on toy in teal

Our Top 5 Toys for Spring

You kids go outside and play!

Spring is here and we can’t wait to play outside – but what should we play with???
Here’s our Top 5 picks for getting out of the house now that the weather is turning warmer and the flowers are popping up.
1 – Faux Bow by Marky Sparky – $24.99 for ages 8+
Sunshine is good for you. And hitting things with arrows is even better. The Faux Bow by Marky Sparky is a blast and you can shoot over 100 feet with the soft arrows – and nobody gets hurt!

2 – Djubi – $29.99 for ages 8+
Djubi is a new way to play catch. The specially designed racquets are made for the unique ball called…the djubi, of course. It’s pronounced Joo-bee and you can hook it, launch it, and catch it. The djubi flies 100 feet, and is great for playing outside in the backyard, at the park, or on the beach. 2 racquets + 2 djubis = Outdoor Fun.

3 – Sprig Eco-Dump Truck – $15.99 for ages 3+
Get that toddler out of the house and movin’ some dirt! This Sprig Eco-Dump Truck is battery-free for 100% kid-powered fun. The handles are easy to grab so kids can maneuver them easily through the backyard or the nearest sand box that needs some “toddler construction work”. Made of recycled wood and recycled plastic, this affordable, eco-friendly truck is $15.99 and is perfect for kids ages 3 and up. Sprig also makes a front loader and an excavator for extra construction power!

4 – 30″ Diamond Happy Dolphin Kite – $19.99 for all ages.
Go fly a kite! What better way to relax and have fun on a Spring day that to fly a 30″ Diamond Happy Dolphin Kite. This classic kite design that is great for all ages! This nylon kite will let you send the dolphins jumping high into the sky in a colorful underwater scene. Includes 300 feet of line for sky-high fun!

5 – Super High Performance Stomp Rockets – $19.99 for ages 16+
OK, now something for the big kids. This one combines 2 of our favorite things. Rockets and stomping. What better way to de-stress and have fun than jumping up and down on a launch pad that sends a very cool rocket up to 400 feet in the air? This kit is recommended
for ages 16 and up because of the velocity of the rockets, so be careful and read the instructions.

The kit includes 6 super high performance stomp rockets and the launch pad.

Now get out, get active, and enjoy Spring with The Learning Tree!