Home School Fun with The Pretend and Play School Set

Pretend & Play School Set When we were kids we loved playing school at home. We’d set up kitchen chairs in rows and find some tablets and pencils and take turns being the teacher. It was fun to imagine being an instructor and helping the other kids with their lessons. Today’s kids can take their imaginations a step further with the Pretend and Play School Set . It helps kids quickly create a classroom anywhere.

The set includes a big tri-fold board that is easy to set up and it makes any space feel like a real school room. The board has a dry erase section in the middle, and maps and calendars on each side. The set even comes with a grade book, some stickers, hall passes (in case somebody needs to go to the kitchen to get snacks!), crayons, a clock and the important hand bell to signal when class is about to start. [Read more…]