This Week’s Puzzlers…

Baby boy playing with puzzle pieces on sofa in the living room at home

Monday Jan. 25th-Friday Jan. 29th Celebrate Puzzles!

We’ll have an assortment of puzzles out to play with all week in the stores. Take a guess at the number of puzzle pieces in our Puzzle Jar and you could be one of our puzzle winners! On Friday the 29th, we’ll have all jigsaw puzzles 20% off.

Puzzles are a great activity for all ages and developmental stages. We have a big puzzle out in the family room all winter long. It’s a versatile family activity in that one person can walk by and add a piece or two with a few minutes or several family members can sit down for a longer session with everyone cooperating. Even younger family members can help with a many-pieced puzzle by sorting by color or shape.

Puzzled by what to do with the puzzles your kids have already played with and pushed to the back of the closet? Amy Mascot of Teach Mama, a website focusing on educational parenting tools, has some clever ideas in her “5 Cool New Ways to Play with Puzzles” blog post. The first one she suggests is so easy and simple.

To play Puzzle Mash-Up, pile the pieces of several large to medium sized puzzles in the middle of the floor. Shout “GO”! The person with the most completed puzzles wins.

Learn about four more easy ways to play with puzzles at:

Want to know which puzzle is right for your child?

Check out this guide from Melissa and Doug.

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Castle Logix is a Royal Puzzler

Kids can imagine themselves as a prince or a princess in the very castle they’re building with Castle Logix , a 3-D wooden puzzle that’s trickier (and more educational!) than it looks.

This single-player logic puzzle comes complete with 4 wooden castle blocks and 3 wooden towers that combine to create a huge variety of castles. A puzzle guide provides 48 multi-level challenges, from Starter to Master. There is only one solution to each puzzle, so brains will be challenged to come up with the correct combination.

Tower by tower, block by block, logic muscles are flexed; logical thinking skills are challenged and spatial reasoning abilities put to the test as castles are built in their own unique way. The guide uses illustrations to show each castle (puzzle) to build. You just turn the page to see an illustration of the solution. There are starter, junior, expert and master level puzzles and kids improve their problem solving abilities as they move up to the next level.

Ideal for ages 5 and up, Castle Logix will continue to challenge children as they use their noggins to complete the basic, simpler puzzles to the more complex and difficult ones.

This is a great toy for kids who love a challenge, like to play alone, have inquisitive minds (what kid doesn’t?) and for parents who want some quiet time for their families away from the TV.

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