Mini Kickboard Scooter is Toy Of The Week

Kids love the Mini Kickboard Scooter!

Orange Kickboard Scooter

This scooter delivers a thrilling ride with an emphasis on safety. Kids shift their weight to move left or right, improving their balance and coordination along the way.

Pink Kickboard Scooter

Simple steering mechanism and rear spoon brake add just the right control. Weighing in at a mere 4.3 lbs., it’s easy to carry too. So, take it along to grandma’s house or a trip to the park.

Blue Kickboard Scooter

Its high standard of safety is a result of its closeness to the ground and its simple steering mechanism. Three wheels provide a very stable ride.

Comes in Green, Orange, Pink, and Blue.

Green Kickboard Scooter

A nice plus: the company has a parts replacement service so the scooter can be reliably passed on to younger siblings.

For ages 3-5 yrs.

Flying Turtles 20% Off This Week

Flying Turtles are Toy Of The Week! AND they are all 20% Off.

Flying Turtles take off for summer!

One of our most popular toys year after year, the Flying Turtle gets kids outside and moving for summer!

Totally kid-powered,  just steer from side to side with your hands and feet and off you go.

Manufactured by Mason Corporation for ages 3 to 12, The Learning Tree carries the Flying Turtle in 3 colors.

Teal, Green, and Purple.

Click here or on the photo for more info or to get a Flying Turtle for yourself!

Flying Turtle in GreenPurple Flying Turtle scooterFlying Turtle ride-on toy in teal

Rody is 20% Off

Toddlers love to ride on a Rody Hopping Horse!

Rody is lovable, inflatable vinyl ride-on toy. Kids love playing on a Rody when they visit our stores. And now it’s our Toy Of The Week and it’s 20% off!

Rody helps kids learn balance and coordination as they rock and bounce away, hanging on to its head and ears. Rody has beautifully painted eyes, spots and a saddle seat. And of course a cute little tail too.  The Rody Horse is made of latex-free vinyl in Italy by Gymnic and is free of banned phthalates so its very safe for kids.

Gymnic also makes a support base if you want to transform Rody into a rocking horse. Rock ‘n’ Rody is a super fun take on a traditional rocking horse toy.

Rody also grows with your child. Just add more air for bigger kids. It works for all toddlers whether they’re 2, 3, or 4 years old.

Get a Rody inflatable horse today for your toddler! He or she will love it.