Snap Circuits Go Green

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit

Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit

Go Green With Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit!

Snap Circuits are one of our favorite groups of science toys at The Learning Tree. Made by Elenco Electronics, these kits offer endless projects for kids to learn about electricity. And now, they’re teaching kids about alternative energy sources with Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit – Green Addition.

Kids of any age will love learning how to “go green.” They can build over 125 projects and have fun learning about environmentally friendly energy. And this week only, it’s 20% off!

Snap Circuits Green Edition includes a full-color manual and a separate educational manual. The educational manual explains all the forms of environmentally friendly energy including:

  • geothermal
  • hydrogen fuel cells
  • wind
  • solar
  • tidal
  • hydro

…and more.

This science kit for kids from 8 to 108 won the Dr. Toy Green Toy Company award, and made Astra’s Best Toys for Kids 2009 list.

The kit includes:

  • Hand Crank
  • Solar Cell
  • FM Radio
  • Energy Compartment
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Windmill
  • Clock
  • Analog Meter

The kit contains over 40 parts. NOT for children under 3 years of age.  Get the Snap Circuits Green Edition for your kids!

Electronics are a Snap with Snap Circuits Jr.

Snap Circuits Jr. is an amazingly fun way for kids of all ages to learn the basic principles of electrical and electronic circuits.

The projects are fast, fun, and sometimes noisy. You can make a light turn on and off with a switch or your voice. You can power a fan, make a doorbell, create light-controlled sounds like a fire engine, ambulance, a computer, and more. You can also play electronic games. And all with just 2 AA batteries.

The kit comes with a base grid, over 30 various types of blocks, and a booklet of instructions with 101 experiments to build. No tools needed, everything just snaps together.

It’s easy to follow the instruction manual for each project. All the experiments are illustrated in color and numbered so you know which parts to lay on the grid first, second, and so on.
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