Music and Movement with Jenny is Coming in February.

Come sing and dance with us!

Jenny Azima KuykendalJenny Azima Kuykendal has been teaching music and movement for young children in the Brookside area for years. Now, we’re excited to introduce this interactive parent/child class to the Learning Tree families in our neighborhood. Her relaxed, inclusive approach makes this a welcoming experience for those new to the class or regulars.

During the month of February get to know Jenny during an introductory session each Thursday at 10:30 in the downstairs Rainbow Room at Corinth. Drop in for one class or come to all. No reservations necessary.

$5/30 min. class

Punch cards are available.

Check our events calendar for details, dates and times. Call us at 913-385-1234 for more info.

Dino O’Dell is coming to The Learning Tree Stores in September!

Early Learning through Books, Dino O’Dell Knows!

Dino O'Dell performs free at The Learning Tree stores.

Dino O’Dell is a favorite Kansas City children’s performer with a background in education and drama. Chances are you might have seen him perform at your local library or maybe he has even visited your child’s school. I was impressed by a simple quote he uses to describe what his goals are as he creates music, sing-a-longs and stories.

“We learn best when we are engaged and we are engaged best when the medium is interactive.” – Dino O’Dell

Dino O’Dell is including both of The Learning Tree stores in his stops around town to share his  newest children’s book project titled Zar and the Broken Spaceship.


Monday Sept. 21, 10:30am Corinth Square Storytime and Sing-a-long with Dino O’Dell,

Tuesday Sept. 29, 10:30am Park Place Special Storytime and Sing-a-long with Dino O’Dell.

Dino knows the rhythms of his catchy, repeating story, with the modern Hokey Pokey actions, will pull kids right in.  What seems like a simple children’s book, provides learning about language patterns, and opportunity for predicting and coordinating body movements from written commands.  All kinds of learning is happening!

New research unveiling the benefits of early exposure to books is constantly being published in the fields of education, psychology, sociology and pediatrics. In 2014,

Frontiers, an open-access, academic network publisher, introduced the following topic:

An Open Book: What and How Young Children Learn From Picture and Storybooks.

A worldwide invitation was issued for submission of articles that uncover how and what, pre-reading children learn from books. Twenty-two articles were collected and published with the intent of providing a body of information for educators, researchers and parents interested in children’s learning. The articles cover a wide range of sub-topics including the value of book illustrations, children’s books as a resource for culturally appropriate emotions, and teaching math with children’s literature.

Books can be part of all kinds of learning and influence behavior in surprising ways. One article titled Let’s look at leeks! Picture books increase toddlers’ willingness to look at, taste and consume unfamiliar vegetables (Heath, Houston-Price and Kennedy, 2014) made a surprising connection between book exposure and eating habits. Shared storybook reading is part of bedtime routine for many families.  A study conducted by Williams and Horst (2014) indicates it may have more value than previously recognized.

Research indicated that reading immediately before a period of sleep facilitates preschool children’s word learning. And more good news, the same is true in studies conducted with older children and adults! Sharing books is an enjoyable adult-child activity. Books are wonderful tools for learning and teaching. They can celebrate milestones- losing a first tooth, starting kindergarten or the arrival of a new sibling. Books can support difficult conversations surrounding divorce, illness or loss.

Our knowledgeable Learning Tree staff and exceptional Book Manager, Beth Roberts, are always happy to make book recommendations and welcome your requests. You may reach us at 913-385-1234.

Kids Flea Market Returns for 4th Year!

4th Annual Kids Flea Market at The Learning Tree Corinth Square

Ready to get rid of those unused and outgrown toys cluttering up the house? Here’s your chance!

It’s our 4th Annual Learning Tree Kid’s Flea Market!
June 2nd
Corinth Square, Prairie Village, KS [Read more…]

Summer Classes A Hit with Kids

Our week of Make It and Take It Classes has been great! Lots of creative kids came to paint, color, glue, and more.

Here’s some photos from the Foam Fliers class yesterday.

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Kids Flea Market June 5th – Sign Up Now for a Space!

3 girls selling toys at the learning tree kids flea market

Ready to get rid of those unused and outgrown toys cluttering up the house? Here’s your chance!

It’s our 2nd Annual Learning Tree Corinth Square Kid’s Flea Market!
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Mrs. Fisher Cat Visits Storytime!

Miss Kathleen read The Leaf Man today at Storytime and who showed up?

None other than Mrs. Fisher Cat from the Calico Critters Fisher Cat family!

Storytime was lots of fun today. We had a nice group of kids at our Corinth store to hear Miss Kathleen read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.

Leaf Man, published in 2005, is a beautiful and very creative book. Ehlert collected leaves in a plastic bag and photocopied them to keep their beautiful colors. She found leaves of all shapes and sizes around the country – even in Kansas City! Then she made the leaves into colllages, creating chickens, ducks, geese, pumpkins, turtles and lots more. Ever page is a different collage of brightly colored leaves.
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Kids Make Worms, Snow and Lava Lamps at Kidtivities!

Last Friday’s Kidtivities event, Test Tube Magic , turned kids into Mad Scientists!

Kids at Test Tube Magic event
They made a lava lamp in a test tube, grew instant worms, made sand underwater, created fake snow, and more.
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