Hop on a Fropper!

Here’s another riding toy that finds its way all over our Park Place store…

It’s Fropper!

Kids just can’t get enough of this great bouncy ride-on toy. And adults think it‘s pretty adorable…or maybe what’s adorable are the little ones riding a Fropper !

Fropper is a safe spring-action riding toy that features caster wheels, allowing its toddler riders to easily and safely change directions. It has a unique and modern look – it sports an ergonomic curved seat and long handles; the seat is a secure spot for little tushies, and the height is perfect for tiny legs.

What’s also wonderful about Fropper is that it literally is complete when you pull it out of the box – you simply unfold the handles and legs and you are good to go!

When you’re ready to store Fropper or take it someplace with you, it folds down with ease – and we mean ease! You can grab it and your toddler and be out the door to grandpa’s house or across town for a play date in no time.

Fropper is ideal for kids 18 to 36 months old and up to 45 pounds. This award-winning toy is made by the German company, Okiedog , and distributed by International Playthings .

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