Click ‘n Spin Activity Blocks are Toy Of The Week

Keep your toddler occupied with these fun, activity-filled blocks.

Click N Spin Activity Blocks

There are 4 multi-colored blocks with different activities on every side, and they combine to work as a whole.

Push, spin, click and twirl…all day long! This is a great birthday gift that keeps kids busy for hours!

For ages 12-48 mos.

Click ‘n Spin Activity Blocks are Toy Of The Week at The Learning Tree!

Click N Spin Activity Blocks

Little Ones Will Love FunTime Tractor

Funtime Tractor is our Toy of the Week!

iPlay Funtime Tractor

Lots to do for little ones with the Fun Time Tractor! It features five animal friends that stand in the trailer and make animal sounds when placed in their appropriate spots.

By pressing the funnel you will hear engine sounds while the tractor rolls along for 10 seconds! Push the driver and you will hear a fun melody, and you can also push the steering wheel to hear a horn sound.

Funtime Tractor by IPlay

This small toy for kids is not only fun, but it is also a learning tool for them to teach themselves about different shapes and sounds. What other toy can give you so much in a 15.75” x 6.75” x 7.5” (L x W x H) package and be appropriate for 12+ months and up.

Toddlers Have A Ball with Pic ‘n’ Pop

Tomy Pic ’n Pop is our Toy of the Week – and 20% Off!

Tomy Pic 'n Pop active toddler toyVroom. Ready, set, go.

With Tomy Pic ’n’ Pop, the race is on. Push the roller and launch the balls with a quick click of a button on the handle. Quickly, go back over the balls with the popper. The popper magically picks up the balls and sucks them up the chute, ready for the fun to start all over again.

A super fun toy for toddlers on the go,  Pic ’n’ Pop will keep little ones playing for hours on end.

• Age Range: 18 months and up

• Skill: Gross Motor Skills

• Gender: Boys and Girls

• Made of hard durable plastic with green buttons on both handles

• Includes 5 balls

• For indoor or outdoor use

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.5 x 6.0 x 10.25

• No batteries

Lil’ Shopper Play Set is Toy Of The Week

It’s good to play with your food!

Early Years Lil' Shopper Play Set

Early Years Lil’ Shopper 6 piece Play Set includes banana with crinkle peels, open/close rattling orange, chiming apple with crinkle leaf, rattling crinkle cabbage, rattling milk carton with peek-a-boo mirror and soft sturdy tote bag. Each piece encourages baby to touch and explore.

Lil shopper 6 piece play set

Great for fill and spill games and early pretend play. This cuddly set will keep little ones busy for hours!

Our Top 5 Toys for Spring

You kids go outside and play!

Spring is here and we can’t wait to play outside – but what should we play with???
Here’s our Top 5 picks for getting out of the house now that the weather is turning warmer and the flowers are popping up.
1 – Faux Bow by Marky Sparky – $24.99 for ages 8+
Sunshine is good for you. And hitting things with arrows is even better. The Faux Bow by Marky Sparky is a blast and you can shoot over 100 feet with the soft arrows – and nobody gets hurt!

2 – Djubi – $29.99 for ages 8+
Djubi is a new way to play catch. The specially designed racquets are made for the unique ball called…the djubi, of course. It’s pronounced Joo-bee and you can hook it, launch it, and catch it. The djubi flies 100 feet, and is great for playing outside in the backyard, at the park, or on the beach. 2 racquets + 2 djubis = Outdoor Fun.

3 – Sprig Eco-Dump Truck – $15.99 for ages 3+
Get that toddler out of the house and movin’ some dirt! This Sprig Eco-Dump Truck is battery-free for 100% kid-powered fun. The handles are easy to grab so kids can maneuver them easily through the backyard or the nearest sand box that needs some “toddler construction work”. Made of recycled wood and recycled plastic, this affordable, eco-friendly truck is $15.99 and is perfect for kids ages 3 and up. Sprig also makes a front loader and an excavator for extra construction power!

4 – 30″ Diamond Happy Dolphin Kite – $19.99 for all ages.
Go fly a kite! What better way to relax and have fun on a Spring day that to fly a 30″ Diamond Happy Dolphin Kite. This classic kite design that is great for all ages! This nylon kite will let you send the dolphins jumping high into the sky in a colorful underwater scene. Includes 300 feet of line for sky-high fun!

5 – Super High Performance Stomp Rockets – $19.99 for ages 16+
OK, now something for the big kids. This one combines 2 of our favorite things. Rockets and stomping. What better way to de-stress and have fun than jumping up and down on a launch pad that sends a very cool rocket up to 400 feet in the air? This kit is recommended
for ages 16 and up because of the velocity of the rockets, so be careful and read the instructions.

The kit includes 6 super high performance stomp rockets and the launch pad.

Now get out, get active, and enjoy Spring with The Learning Tree!

Discovery Playhouse is 20% Off This Week

Discovery Playhouse is a terrific place for toddlers to play and learn. And it’s 20% off through September 21st!

Discovery Playhouse Dome for toddlers

Your tiny tots will play and discover in this portable fabric frame house for hours and hours. It’s really easy to set up and take down too so you can take it to the sitter’s house or off to grandma’s with no trouble at all.

Ball play, key play, shape sorting, posting and peek-a-boo games, this dome’s got it all. It sets up in a flash into a big, roomy environment, making it perfect for multiple kids all playing at once.

Discovery Playhouse comes with 5 balls for popping into all the different types of chutes, a set of keys that attach to the fabric wall when not in use, spinners, mirrors, peep-holes, numbers, – lots of stuff to keep kids busy and learning for hours.

See more photos and get more info on our store. Just click here.

Hop on a Fropper!

Here’s another riding toy that finds its way all over our Park Place store…

It’s Fropper!

Kids just can’t get enough of this great bouncy ride-on toy. And adults think it‘s pretty adorable…or maybe what’s adorable are the little ones riding a Fropper !

Fropper is a safe spring-action riding toy that features caster wheels, allowing its toddler riders to easily and safely change directions. It has a unique and modern look – it sports an ergonomic curved seat and long handles; the seat is a secure spot for little tushies, and the height is perfect for tiny legs.

What’s also wonderful about Fropper is that it literally is complete when you pull it out of the box – you simply unfold the handles and legs and you are good to go!

When you’re ready to store Fropper or take it someplace with you, it folds down with ease – and we mean ease! You can grab it and your toddler and be out the door to grandpa’s house or across town for a play date in no time.

Fropper is ideal for kids 18 to 36 months old and up to 45 pounds. This award-winning toy is made by the German company, Okiedog , and distributed by International Playthings .

For more information or to buy, click here.

Toddler Toys Get Kids Truckin’!

Designing your very own a custom-built vehicle when you’re only three? How cool is that!?

And then building it yourself…from magnets?! Even cooler!
Working Trucks Magnetic Combination Vehicles
Working Trucks from the makers of Magna-Tiles give your little builder the chance to build a vehicle just like they do at the factory! Our Toy Experts think this set is pretty fun in that kids can build their very own imaginative creation or fun vehicles like bulldozers, police cars and fire trucks.

The 27-piece modular magnetic system comes with 4 wheeled base units and plenty of other pieces for little vehicle builders to create their own fleet. All of the pieces are held together with magnets, adding another element of fun, as well as the promotion of fine motor skills (no pun intended!).

Working Trucks Magnetic Combination Vehicles are perfect for children from ages 3 to 6.

Click here for more info or to purchase from The Learning Tree.

Turn Your Child’s Bedroom Into a Star-filled Galaxy!

Twilight TurtleBedrooms turn into miniature star-filled galaxies with Cloud b’s Twilight Lady Bug, Twilight Sea Turtle, and Twilight Turtle, making them perfect bedtime buddies for kids. They are a unique combination we love – bedtime companion, nightlight and planetarium.
Twilight Ladybug

These unique creatures fill rooms with stars from 8 major constellations. You or your little one can choose from three colors – green, blue or amber – and various intensities, making each night a new adventure into a different twinkling dreamland.

Twilight Sea Turtle

While we love the soothing, sleep-promoting aspects of the Lady Bug and Sea Turtle , the Star Guides and informational booklets that help teach about the constellations and the big, wide world in the sky also are on the list of reasons why these guys are on our favorites list. [Read more…]