Who wants gum? Now with instructions!

We do we do!

And now you can make it yourself!

Bubble Gum Factory is a unique hands-on product that introduces kids to not only the science of food, but the creativity as well! Kits like this are wonderful because the “I want to play by the rules” kids can follow the recipes  while the “I want to make something nobody has ever tasted before” kids can combine the included flavorings (including fruity, sour, and minty) into any combination they want.

The recipes include Juicy Watermelon, Sour Fruit Cocktail, Cool Candy Kiss, Junkyard Gum…and more.

Kids start by heating the gum base (Adult supervision is required. You will need a microwave to use the kit – it’s not for kids under 8). Then they add corn syrup, flavor powders and sugar and knead it like bread till all the ingredients are mixed in and smooth. The cool part is they can pop a small piece in their mouth before it’s done and adjust the flavor if it’s not to their liking. They can even maker it sweeter or more sour. That part may be more art than science.

Along with the ingredients for 8 flavor combinations, the factory includes an activity book with recipes, instructions, food science rules (keep it clean!!), the history of gum, some fun facts (like who holds the record for the longest gum wrapper chain) and even great ideas for kids to market their new gum creations! That’s if they don’t chew it all themselves, of course…

Bubble Gum Factory is a creative and educational make-it-yourself (and chew-it-yourself) kit that teaches kids the science of bubble gum. Got a science fair coming up? It’s great for that too.

Bubble Gum Factory is made by Scientific Explorer , a division of Elmer’s (the glue people, among other things). They make a ton of cool kits for kids including Tasty Science , My First Science Kit, Perfumery, and Mind Blowing Science .

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Update: Click here to download the Bubble Gum Factory instructions.

Classic Wooden ABC Blocks

ABC Classic Wood Blocks

ABC Classic Wood Blocks

We love these high-quality blocks! They are patterned after blocks from the turn-of-the-century with great animal illustrations along with the number and letters.

Made by Lindenwood, these wooden blocks are a big 1 3/4″ (44mm) cubed, and are finely crafted and painted with non-toxic inks.

Each block features a unique animal picture, a number or math symbol, and four letters (two embossed) for a total of four complete alphabets. Plenty for kids to learn their numbers and letters – and of course for stacking and building things!

Set includes 28 blocks.

These blocks are beautiful enough to decorate a child’s room as well as fun to play with and learn letters and numbers. For Ages 3+

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Top 5 Reasons We Love The Slice & Bake Cookie Set

Serve up some fun with the Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Serve up some fun with the Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Everybody at The Learning Tree loves cookies…but we REALLY love Melissa & Doug’s Slice & Bake Cookie Set!

Here’s why…

1: No messy clean-up. This colorful wooden set with toppings, doesn’t crumble, smear or leave traces on faces or floors.

2: No burning of fingers on a hot oven, cookie sheet, etc. Pretend play has a lot of advantages when it comes to baking.

3: No calories. Need we say more?

4: No ruining your appetite before dinner. And no sugar highs (and lows) to contend with. Just good, pretend-kitchen fun for kids.

5: Children get to be creative and use their endless imagination! And who knows…maybe it will spark their interest in real cooking and helping mom and dad in the kitchen.

This colorful wooden pretend play set includes 12 wooden, slice-able cookies and 12 toppings, wooden knife, spatula, cookie sheet and a kitchen mitt for safe, “no-calorie” play. The cookies store in a durable dough tube to use again and again.

Dimensions: 10.5″ x 13.5″ x 3.25″ packaged. Recommended Ages: 3+ years. This set is a great addition to any play kitchen sets.

So…The Slice And Bake Cookie Set is The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week! And to celebrate, the Slice & Bake Cookie Set is 20% off this week only!

Hurry, sale ends September 6, 2009
Sale limited to quantity on hand.

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Toddlers Love Discovery Box

Discovery Box is five-sided fun!

Discovery Box by Hape Toys

Discovery Box by Hape Toys

Discovery Box is a high-quality wooden toy packed full of activities sure to engage the curious mind and keep little fingers busy. This imaginative box for ages 2 and up includes a bead-and-wire maze on top. On the sides are an abacus, a color-changing mirror, a rainbow clock with moving dial, and a funny fish face with eyes that roll with the spin of a knob.

This beautifully painted box, created with non-toxic paints, is  7″ x 7″ x 13.07″.  This bright, colorful toy  stimulate children’s  cognitive, visual and tactical senses. And best of all, it’s hours of fun for your child. And it’s one of the Toys We Love here at The Learning Tree.

Construct Art with Design & Drill

A drill turns into an education tool with the unique Design and Drill Activity Center, a 3 and up toy that runs the gamut from simple to challenging, making it a toy that grows with your child. This is one toy they will come back to again and again!

The power drill, with realistic sounds, is used to secure 120 big bolts into the board. Combine the bolts all sorts of different ways to create one-of-a-kind designs, or children can follow activity cards that come with the set to make specific patterns and pictures, such as trains, boats, flowers and fish.

It really is drill and learn!

Twenty activity cards help children with new projects and encourage little minds to take simple ideas to more advanced ones. See what your little one can create!

There’s also a Design and Drill Take Along Toolkit! It’s great for traveling.

30% Off Levitating Soccer Ball!

Gives hang time a whole new meaning!

Our Zero-G Levitating Soccer Ball is now 30% Off

Hang time has never been easier….or cheaper! Zero-G Levitating Soccer Ball floats in mid-air, defying gravity and our own common sense.

This cool conversation piece is fun in any kids room or even on dad’s desk at work.

Athletes, techies, and magicians never reveal their secrets so let’s just say plug in the AC adapter and the (electromagnetic) force will be with you!

Tea for Two – or Four – at The Learning Tree

Shall I pour some tea? Kids will say YES when they are playing the Tea Party Game by eeBoo Toys!

Classic and elegant tea time has been turned into a precious game that helps children develop decision making skills…and is fun, too!

Tea Party Game challenges the 2 to 4 players to be the first to put together a tea party — including a full place setting and a plate full of tea-time treats. You’ll feel like the party’s already started the second you open the box and pull out the real flowered tablecloth!

Players use the spinner to collect colorful tea party pieces, but manners are key to the game as participants must wait politely for their turn. And watch out for those pesky bees – if you spin one of those you have to put a piece back! Try not to get stung!

This game truly is delicious, and perfect for the little 3 to 6 year old tea party organizer!

Stick(er) with it!

It’s easy with Sticker Factory!

We have trouble believing that there would be anyone out there who wouldn’t find Sticker Factory pretty cool. Come on, people, you get to design and make your own stickers!

Take an everyday, ordinary (ahem, boring!) piece of paper and turn it into your own unique stickers, with only a few simple steps. If you’re artistic, you can draw your own pictures. Or, if you have trouble even drawing a stick figure, you can use the included stencil or cut out a picture.

Then just send the paper through the laminating sticker machine…and presto! You have your own unique stickers for any kind of use…notebooks, scrapbooks, gift tags…or just for fun!

Sticker Factory comes with a 10-foot roll of sticker paper and a matching length of sticker film, the stencil, burnishing tool, pencil and instructions. We know you’ll stick with it, since it’s so much fun!

Turbo Touch Cars Go Vrrrooomm!!!

On your marks, get set…and GO with the immensely fun Turbo Touch cars!

These mini race cars come in 4 models,  SuperBig, Wild Red, Climber Yellow and Tropheo Orange. They all sport a press-and-go feature to put them into action – presses on the back of the vehicle charge it up and the more presses, the more charges! After the cars have been revved up, sit back and watch the action as they accelerate to win the race!

Little hands will have no trouble getting these cars going…and little eyes will delight in watching them go; little ears will enjoy the roar of the race and the toot of the horn after the vehicles sharply brake to a stop.

Turbo Touch cars are fun to play with and have been designed with attention to detail…you’ll want to collect all of the colors to build your own racing fleet!

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Make Room For The Chunky Puzzle!

Lots of chunky things out there are good: peanut butter, elephants, a banana-flavored ice cream with the word monkey in the name…and this great puzzle! The Vehicles Chunky Puzzle , to be exact.

We probably don’t have to explain why we love puzzles so much — but we will. They are ideal for hand/eye coordination, matching, all of those great learning moments where the brain works together with the hands to put something where it goes, to make it fit where it is supposed to fit.

This puzzle – the Vehicles Chunky Puzzle – gets extra points for being so stylish and for including so many great features. First, the chunky pieces are easy for little hands to hold, and they are chunky enough to stand on their own so kids can use them as pretend-play toys as well as puzzle pieces. They also help little ones recognize the real-life versions when they see ’em. “The plane, the plane!”

And there’s no shortage of vehicles here – we’re talking a plane, train, school bus, sailboat and more! There are nine pieces in all.

If the extra-thick pieces are being used with the puzzle board, full-color pictures are beneath each to help tots figure out what goes where. The puzzle measures 1″ x 9″ x 12″ Assembled

This is just one of several Chunky Puzzles we carry by Melissa & Doug . Be sure to check out the safari puzzle, dinosaurs puzzle, and the farm puzzle. We love them all and so will you! The puzzles are a great learning gift for kids 2 to 7 years old.