Roll The Dice with YamSlam

Yamslam is a fun family dice game.

Yamslam is a fun family dice game AND it’s The Learning Tree Toy Of The Week

Take a gamble and try YamSlam!

Keep rolling the dice to win! Yamslam is a great family game and is based on poker hands. You  roll the dice and try to get the best combination of numbers and collect the chips before they run out! Whoever has the most chips at the end, wins!

There are chips for 3 of a kind, a flush, large straight, small straight, full house, etc. So Yam Slam is a great learning toy for counting and number combinations.

Easy to learn instructions are included and it comes in a self-contained metal tin, making it a perfect  travel game. The tin makes YamSlam easy to store also.

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Going Bananas For Bananagrams!

Who doesn’t love bananas? They’re good for you AND they come in a happy yellow color. And who doesn’t love Scrabble games?

Well, our favorite game – Bananagrams – is similar to both!

Bananagrams word game

Bananagrams is an anagrams game. Players draw letter tiles to form individual crossword puzzles while peeling (drawing) and dumping (discarding) tiles. When a player uses all their tiles they call out “Bananas!” to win the game. Everybody forms their OWN collection of connecting and intersecting words. Each player can rearrange his or her own words as often as they want. It’s like Scrabble but you don’t have to wait your turn. You play independently of each other and at the same time.

Bananagrams is for 2-8 players with each round lasting as little as five minutes. The Learning Tree Toy Experts recommend this award winning game because it allows all ages to put words together at their own level and still be competitive. Grade-schoolers can play as happily as Grandmas – even in the same round.

This is a great travel game since you don’t have to write anything down and you don’t need a playing board. Take the game (in its cute little banana carrying case) to a restaurant and play while you wait for your meal to arrive, or toss it in a travel bag for something fun to do while waiting to board a flight. Want to stay at home? The game is perfect for a fun evening with family and friends

Bananagrams includes 144 playing tiles, a zip-to-close banana carrying case, and an instruction sheet with several variations on the game to keep it fun and fresh.


Bananagrams is on sale for $14.99 in our store.