ZOOB Sparkle 60 is Toy of The Week

ZOOB Sparkle 60 Building Toy

ZOOB Sparkle Construction Set

Let your creativity soar with ZOOB Sparkle,

our Learning Tree Toy of The Week!

Girls and boys can build anything from animals to space rockets to thingie-majigs! Your cheetahs will run fast, space rockets will blast off in the sky and the thingie-majigs will bend and jump in every which way imaginable!

Then, when you’re all done, just take it apart and build something new! ZOOB Sparkle 60 piece set is a great addition to your ZOOB collection or you can start a brand new one!

ZOOB Sparkle is great for kids 6 years old and up. It’s made by Infinitoy. Check it out now while it’s on sale!

Limit 3 at this price.